Messages of Hope International Ministries, Inc.


Executive Leadership Team

Chairman: Dr. Andrew R. Harewood 
Strategic Administration & Global Growth 

Executive Vice President: Ruthven Phillips, Esq. 
Ministries Development & Partnerships Coordinator

Executive Secretary: Dr. Jindriska Vesela
Mentoring Development & Strategic Community Oversight

Treasurer: Wendine J. Austin 
Financial Stewardship Administration  

Assistant Secretary: Andrew C. Harewood
Assistant Secretary for Logistics

Senior Partner: Ronneil O. Harewood 
Information & Technology Development  

Executive Health Director: Recruiting 
Comprehensive Health Ministries and Lifestyle Change Mentor 

Executive Administrative Assistant: Recruiting 
Synchronization Cordinator 

Brand Director: Debbie Estwick 
Brand management, design strategy, communications

Public Relations Director: Recruiting
News, publications, media relations

Senior Legal Consultant: Ruthven Phillip, Esq                                                                Public Policy & Religious Liberty   


Ministry Partners

Ministry Partner: Global Prayer Ministries Leader, Sharon Pruitt
Ministry Focus: Global Prayer MinistriesCoordinator

Please Join the MOHIM Prayer Ministry Team and watch God work miracles in your life.

Call Number: I + 202-864-2224 ; Access Code: 112-017

Sunday Evening: 8:00 - 9:00PM - Team call only to pray with & for each other

Monday Morning: 6:00AM - 7:00 - Team call only to pray with & for each other

Tuesday Evening: 8:30 - 9:30: - Team & Public call

Thursday Evening: 8:00 -9:00 - Team & Public call


Ministry Partner: Recruiting
Ministry Focus: Cross Cultural Initiatives 

Ministry Partner: Recruiting (Leadership Programs)
Ministry Focus:  Program Development & Leadership Training

Ministry Partner: Recruiting (Young Professional Minister)
Ministry Focus: Preaching & Urban Initiatives

Ministry Partner: Recruiting (Religious Educator)
Ministry Focus: Comprehensive Religious Education 

Ministry Partner: Recruiting
Ministry Focus: Counselling & Nurturing Ministries

Ministry Partner: Recruiting
Ministry Focus: Young Adult, Youth & Children’s Ministries


Board of Trustees  

Dr. Andrew R. Harewood

Ruthven Phillips, Esq

Dr. Jindriska Vesela

Ms. Wendine J. Austin

Mr. Andrew C. Harewood

Mr. Ronneil O. Harewood    

Ms. Debbie Estwick

Ms. Carol Lynn Liu

Dr. Joan M. Browne

Dr. Lloyd Mallory Jr

Dr. Curla Walters

Dr. Yolanda A. Robinson

Pastor Victor O. Harewood

Rev. Larnell Exum

Rev. Myrtel L. Williams-Dobson

Ms. Cathy Heaton-Ghannam


Board of Advisors

Dr. Cain Hope Felder

Dr. Alvin M Kibble

Ketsia Dorce, M.D.

Darla Van Putten-Adams, M.D.

Lonna Gordon, M.D., PharmD

Clair Morin, M.D

H. Elizabeth Thompson, Esq.

Lisa M. Ford-Hawkins, MSHCA, RN, OCN

Mrs. Sharon Yarbrough

Ms. Karen Christmas

Mrs. Sharon J. Crowder, MSE

Mr. Garhett C. Adams


Global Regional Coordinators


Affiliates & Partners


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