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Dominica Medical & Mental Health Support (PGB) Resiliency Mission Trip

Disaster Relief Medical and Mental Health Resiliency & Sustainability Mission Trip 

Regional Area Focus: The ravaging winds and waves of the hurricanes that ripped through the Caribbean left not only extensive and devastating damage to physical structures but also trauma born of the loss of familiarity, homes, friends, and family. Maslow developed a model of hierarchy of needs, indicating that in order for people to achieve feelings of love, belonging, esteem, and self-actualization; their basic safety and physiological needs must first be met. Given the major trauma and loss sustained on the entire island of Dominica, MOHIM Inc., in collaboration with the East Caribbean Conference of Seventh-Day Adventist is leading a group of mental health professionals such as clinical psychologists, and clinical social workers to lend aid to those who have endured this major trauma. They will focus on helping to strengthen resiliency in the people of Dominica to help ensure their sustained mental health for the weeks and months of rebuilding that is yet to come.

Strategic Dates & Timelines: 14-29 January 2018

14 January, Depart JFK To Grantley Adams International Airport

15 January, Preparatory Briefings and Updates By the East Caribbean Conference (ECC) of SDA Advance Staff.

16 January, Depart Bridgetown For Dominica 

16-26 Mission Engagement: Mental Health Resiliency & Sustainability Fortification Emphasis 

26 January, Depart Dominica For Barbados 

27 January, Barbadian Worship Experience by the Sea.

28 January, Personal Recovery Time

29 January, Return to JFK

Later Event: January 15
Joint Board Meeting