Project "Giving Back" Jamaica Student's Leadership Initiative:
to Sep 24

Project "Giving Back" Jamaica Student's Leadership Initiative:

  • Andrews Memorial S.D.A Church (map)
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Weekend Theme: “Creating Greatness”

Sep 21st PM Vespers: “Born To Triumph”

Sep 22nd AM “The Signature of Your Life”

Sep 23rd AM Leadership Panel Discussion At Kings House, Residence of the Governor General House: “Challenges To Greatness: Pitfalls on The Path”

Sep 23rd PM Charge To The Student Leaders: “Created To Conquer”

Sep 24th AM Leadership Workshop: “Creating The Unstoppable Team”

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Project "Giving Back" Zambia Initiative
to Aug 15

Project "Giving Back" Zambia Initiative

Project Team Leader: Claire M. Morin, M.D. MPH

Location:  University of Zambia, School of Medicine; Public Heath Division 


Plans are in development to develop a text book for public health with the skills and competencies based upon Zambian  health problems.  A Zambian medical school, Ridgeway campus, will profit from the current cholera outbreak.  As the basis for the chapter on water borne infectious diseases. The exercise will involve a 10 day internship at the ministry of health and plans to involve the Dean of the medical school Dr. Fastone Goma in Lusaka

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Millennial Revival  - "Anticipating Ecstasy In Eternity" Scotland (Glasgow) The Return
to Jul 8

Millennial Revival - "Anticipating Ecstasy In Eternity" Scotland (Glasgow) The Return

Scotland Revisited: 29nd June Thru 8th Jul

Theme: “Anticipating Ecstasy In Eternity”


Saturday      Jun 30th “I’ve Fixed My Mind on Another Time”

Sunday         Jul 1st “What is He Waiting For?”

Tuesday       Jul 3rd “Hiding In Plain Sight”

Wednesday Jul  4th “Connected or Conflicted”

Friday.          Jul 6th “Trapped In A Promise”

Saturday.     Jul 7th “I Must See Jesus”

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Project “Giving Back” - Barbados Initiative
to May 22

Project “Giving Back” - Barbados Initiative

Name of Project: Partnership effort with Pine Forge Academy Community Service Outreach and Giving Back Emphasis

Country: Barbados, West Indies

City/Region: Bridgetown

Purpose/Goals: Part of the program at Pine Forge Academy (PFA) is community service and giving back. After doing some research, staff members discovered that the Seventh-day Adventist Mother Church in Barbados, named “King Street Church” sponsors a community outreach of a weekly meal to the people of the community, serving over 60 people every Wednesday, and they are hoping to do more. Besides feeding weekly, there is a quarterly distribution of clothing in the neighborhood.

PFA Class of 2018 has been planning to go on a mission trip to Barbados, and for over two years has been raising funds for this project and all the costs that will be associated with the travel. The academy is now at the point of seeking to acquire funds for the actual mission portion of the trip and we have promised to help. The kitchen where the food is prepared is in need of renovations and upgrading. PFA plan is to upgrade the infrastructure of the entire kitchen to include the purchase of updated appliances, namely, a stove, a microwave, a refrigerator/freezer along with pots, pans, and other necessities. 

In addition, the Class has received a donation of shoes and sneakers and will be distributing them as part of the mission project. MOHIM believe these improvements will expand this historic church's ability to serve their wider community and improve on their vision to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and spread the Love that the world needs.

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Prayer Summit
6:00 AM06:00

Prayer Summit

Summary of intentional goal: The purpose of our prayer summit is to emphasize not only the power of prayer but also the absolute “Joy” we can have through intentionally praying through the Holy Spirit in Jesus name. As the Prayer Ministry Partner of MOHIM - I believe, "Prayer should be the first line of defense in all situations for peace, courage, strength, wisdom, discernment and Godly protection, further believing that corporate prayer has great power". There will be designated prayer times provided throughout the day for adults and children. Pastoral speaker's messages will focus on how and why we need to "Pray" effectively. Throughout the event Mission organizations will have the opportunity to give spotlighted testimonies on how prayer has impacted their ministries and seek your effectual prayers for success.

Child care will be for provided for children under the age of eight. Prayer ministry will be provided for children and youth through day.

Power Packed Agenda for the event soon to be published.

Come and be Changed!

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